Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

Stuck for a gift idea for an upcoming special occasion? You're probably not the only one! The good news is that Broadway Jewellers has compiled a list of traditional gift suggestions to inspire your selection.

The following list of anniversary numbers and materials is often associated with wedding anniversaries. However they apply equally to any anniversary, from a person's birthday to the age of a company. Thus, ruby jewellery can be given to a woman on her 40th birthday and some firms give their employees a small silver gift after 25 years of service.

Some of the materials suggested might not have an obvious collection to a jeweller's shop, but with imagination suitable gifts can be found in almost any category - have a look at our suggestions below!

1st Anniversary - Paper

The gift itself might not be made of paper, but your jewellery could be accompanied by a certificate or guarantee - surely that counts!

2nd Anniversary - Cotton

A cotton polishing cloth will keep your jewellery in top condition! Most jewellers stock a range of proprietary cleaning products - why not ask about them for this gift idea?

3rd Anniversary - Leather

You've plenty of choice when looking for a third anniversary gift - what about a leather jewellery box, or leather-bound hip flask?

4th Anniversary - Fruit

Unless you plan on heading to the greengrocers you have to be a bit imaginative with this one. A cut crystal fruit bowl would make a glamorous keepsake (you can even fill it with fruit!). Or perhaps an ornament or small jewellery token in a fruit shape?

5th Anniversary - Wood

Many jewellers will stock wooden gifts such as jewellery boxes, coasters or even carved ornaments. If you'd prefer something that can be worn, why not find a jewellery item with the popular Tree of Life design?

6th Anniversary - Confectionary

We might not sell lollipops and other sweet treats, but just like the 4th anniversary suggestion why not a small bon-bon dish, or a piece of jewellery styled after a favourite treat? We've seen everything from Polos to Rolos immortalised in precious metal!

7th Anniversary - Copper

Copper is usually found as an alloy in jewellery. It is responsible for the pinkish-red hue of rose gold, so why not rose gold accented jewellery or watches? It is also found in the alloy brass, which can be used for clock casings or as decorative inlay on some pewter goods.

8th Anniversary - Bronze

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Some jewellers stock small bronze ornaments, but make sure you are buying a cast metal item, not a resin replica.

9th Anniversary - Pottery

Many shops stock china and porcelain gift items such as figurines or tableware. Some vintage costume jewellery even features porcelain components.

10th Anniversary - Tin/Pewter

Pewter gift items can include tankards and hip flasks, and a range of ornaments are made in pewter as well.

11th Anniversary - Steel

Have a look at your jeweller's range of stainless steel wristwatches for an interesting 11th anniversary gift. Alternatively, some designer jewellery ranges are crafted in stainless steel instead of precious metal.

12th Anniversary - Silk

Some jewellers may offer silk-covered pouches for storing jewellery, but don't forget that a traditional strand of pearls if often strung on silk thread.

13th Anniversary - Coral/Jade

Either of these unusual gemstones can be found set in jewellery, or as beads. You may be able to find small carved jade figurines as well.

14th Anniversary - Ivory

The sale of ivory is now illegal. But that doesn't stop you from buying a watch with an ivory coloured dial... or how about evoking the spirit of this anniversary with a small, elephant-shaped piece of jewellery?

15th Anniversary - Crystal

Many jewellers stock a range of lead-crystal glassware, from vases to champagne flutes, to help you mark the 15th anniversary.

20th Anniversary - China

(see 9th Anniversary)

25th Anniversary - Silver

Jewellery, watches, picture frames, ornaments and antiques are just a few possibilities. You're spoiled for choice with the range of beautiful silver items on offer for the 25th anniversary!

30th Anniversary - Pearl

A simple pair of pearl earrings is a timeless choice, or a classic string of pearls as a necklace or bracelet. Or how about a mother-of-pearl inlaid trinket box, or a watch with a mother-of-pearl dial?

35th Anniversary - Platinum

The most rarest of precious metals, most jewellers stock a range of platinum jewellery - much of it set with diamonds.

40th Anniversary - Ruby

There is plenty of ruby-set jewellery to choose from for this milestone anniversary, but if you don't think ruby is for you why not consider a mechanical watch, which uses synthetic rubies in the movement?

45th Anniversary - Sapphire

It doesn't have to be blue - sapphires come in a rainbow of colours, so you have a huge range to choose from.

50th Anniversary - Gold

The quintessential precious metal, with a huge choice of earrings, pendants, brooches, rings, necklaces and watches to name just a few.

55th Anniversary - Emerald

Emerald jewellery is a beautiful rich green colour, or you could always go for an 'emerald cut' gemstone - referring to the oblong shape of the stone.

60th Anniversary - Diamond

There is a huge choice of styles and shapes of diamond jewellery, to suit any taste. Don't forget the choice of diamond-set watches, for those who already have an expansive jewellery collection and would rather have something different!