Add a dash of dazzle with extra diamonds - the modern twist on the classic solitaire! Whether you choose a hidden accent or frame your centre stone with a full halo of smaller diamonds, picking a solitaire with diamond details is sure to make an impact.

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Diamond Shoulders

A small scatter of diamonds either side of the main solitaire stone to add a bit of extra sparkle






Diamond-Set Band

Diamonds run right down the sides of this ring, beautifully accenting the main stone









Hidden Diamonds

These rings look like a classic solitaire top-down - it's not until you examine them you find the hidden diamond detail





Diamond Halo

A central solitaire diamond looks even bigger with a halo of smaller stones. Why not pair with a diamond-set band and hidden diamond detail too?



Matching Sets

These ring sets pair a diamond solitaire with matching diamond-set band - perfect for those shopping for an engagement and wedding band in one!