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We Buy:-

Gold/Silver  -  Diamond/Gem-set Jewellery  -  Luxury Watches  -  Bullion Coins

scrap gold

At Broadway Jewellers we will buy all precious metal jewellery, regardless of condition, whether hallmarked or unhallmarked. Prices offered are dependant on metal and currency fluctuations and an offer to purchase is only valid as long as market conditions remain stable. We pay cash on the day, or can issue a cheque or bank transfer.

We buy diamond and gem-set jewellery to supplement our second-hand jewellery stock. Prices offered are dependant on condition and our current second-hand portfolio; we may occasionally decline to purchase an item if we do not require it for our stock. Stone-set jewellery is typically referred to the manager for a final purchasing decision.

Luxury watches both with and without boxes and documentation will be assessed according to condition and purchasing decisions are always made by the manager.

Investment coins such as Sovereigns, Krugerrands and other precious metal coins are bought by Broadway Jewellers. Please note we are not a coin specialist and values are based upon the bullion value of the item. We are not interested in non-precious metal collectable or commemorative coins.